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Tsiyon Book Giveaway: Andrew Murray

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This giveaway has ended.


Shalom listeners! Tsiyon Road Radio is now hosting a 3-deal PDF book giveaway!

The Scriptures, of course, forever remain in a category of their own. We refer to all other books of timeless importance for believers in Messiah as “classics.”

To fit in this category a book need not be perfect according to how we understand the Scriptures today. In fact, we may not even agree with the book in some minor details. However, such a book always uniquely conveys a fundamental Spiritual truth of Scripture.

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Andrew Murray


Books Included

The books that will be included in this giveaway are all by the late Andrew Murray, a writer, teacher, and pastor from South Africa. Each of the books included are our own Tsiyon Messianic Edition with the names and terms changed from a Greco-Christian perspective to a Hebraic-Messianic perspective. For example, changing the name Jesus to Yeshua and other names.






“Here is the path to the higher life: down, lower down! Just as water always seeks and fills the lowest place, so the moment Elohim finds men abased and empty, His glory and power flow in to exalt and to bless.”  – Humility, Andrew Murray


Humility by Andrew Murray is one of the three books included in the giveaway.

Description: “When Yeshua “made himself nothing…taking the nature of a servant,” He modeled for all believers true humility. Andrew Murray calls this “our true nobility” and “the distinguishing feature of discipleship.” With insightful, penetrating clarity, Murray calls all believers to turn from pride, empty themselves, and study the character of Yeshua to be filled with His grace.” – From Goodreads


The Kingdom First


The Kingdom First


“Elohim is Light, and Elohim is Love. And now the message comes to man. Can you think of a higher nobility, can you think of anything grander, than to take the position that Elohim takes, and to be one with Elohim in His Kingdom; to have His Kingdom fill your heart; to have Elohim Himself as your King and portion?” – The Kingdom First, Andrew Murray


The Kingdom First is a succinct read, but passionate.

Description: Seeing as this is such a short book, a description isn’t provided, but see the above quote for a snippet!


Absolute Surrender


Absolute Surrender


“One of the worst things sin did for man was to make him selfish, for selfishness cannot love.”  – Andrew Murray, Absolute Surrender


Absolute Surrender is another of the three books included!


Description: “The result of Murray’s passionate exploration of the issue of surrender: why it’s seemingly impossible and yet completely necessary.” – From Goodreads


To enter this giveaway, provide your email on the Rafflecopter box at the top of this post for a chance to win all THREE of these Messianic classics!

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  1. Bryan Crigger says:

    Really hoping to win, as I’m gonna be in the market for some more reading soon!

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