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Tsiyon Road Messianic Radio offers a unique kind of radio station. Not Messianic? Not to worry. If you love truth, and love great music from talented independent artists, you should give us a listen! We offer Scriptural-based content that digs deeper, from the Hebraic perspective of the original Bible authors. You may have never heard this perspective before. Even if you have been studying the Scriptures for years, these programs answer many tough Bible questions, in a way that is relevant, deeply meaningful, and vital to your life. We also offer cutting-edge music that lifts up Messiah, from some of the best Messianic music artists in the world. All of this is brought to you by our team of Tsiyon Radio Volunteers.

tsiyonTsiyon Road Beginnings

Starting on the radio with a single one hour satellite radio program, On the Road to Tsiyon with Eliyahu and Dawn has been on the air for over a decade on various AM and FM stations – delivering spiritual truth to the scattered Remnant of Israel. Capturing a global audience, this internet radio station, Tsiyon Road Messianic Radio Station, has been broadcasting globally 365/24/7 on internet radio since 2012. Shortly after the startup of the radio station, Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash has been airing EVERY week, revealing the secrets of the Torah, to further build a solid foundation for YHWH’s Remnant Nation.

Warning, these programs are not for the weak of heart! These programs answer hard Bible questions and challenge believers to prepare themselves, to step up to their higher calling which YHWH has created them for in this final generation.

Besides these profound teaching programs, we also feature many wonderful Messianic music artists to praise and worship our Messiah together.

Fifty Years of ServiceDepth of Teaching from 50 Years of Service

Eliyahu celebrated his 50 year Jubilee Anniversary of service to YHWH in 2016. In those years he has traveled to multiple continents in the course of his ministry, has authored several books on the Scriptures, pastors a local group of believers, and offers anointed ministry to others around the world. The Tsiyon Team works with Eliyahu to bring this station, and a lot of other great content, to you.

Eliyahu has been digging into the hard truths of the Scripture for many years, and is delivering spiritual, relevant, teaching with a Hebraic mindset to those who are seeking YHWH’s heart – to help gather the scattered, faithful, Remnant of Israel and prepare them for the Greater Second Exodus back to the Land. Spend some time listening and you will be amazed at the scope of truth you will find here.

More about Eliyahu ben David

Eliyahu ben David is the founder and director of Tsiyon Road Radio. He is also a best-selling author at amazon.com who has authored several books. Learn more about Eliyahu’s Books 

The Tsiyon Mission

In the book of Matthew, Our Lord and King Y’shua Messiah, said,

Matthew 5:17-18

17: “Don’t think that I came to destroy the Torah or the Prophets. I didn’t come to destroy, but to fulfill. 18: For most certainly, I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not even one smallest letter or one tiny pen stroke shall in any way pass away from the Torah, until all things are accomplished.”

Contrary to some Christian doctrine, these verses tell us that Messiah is still working with His people Israel, because the Torah contains the covenant with His People Israel, and Messiah says the Torah has not passed away as long as heaven and earth still exists. This means that the whole Word of God from all ages, still stands today.

In the Torah, YHWH said to His people Israel that if they would keep His Torah, they could live in the Land of Israel as a light to the nations, and a blessing to YHWH’s great Name. Unfortunately we know the rest of the story, how YHWH had to scatter Israel from the Land because of their disobedience. Eventually all of the tribes of Israel where scattered abroad. Those who where meant to be a shining example of righteousness, to bring glory and honor to the name of YHWH, were now exiled into foreign lands that they did not know. Soon they were assimilated into the nations they where exiled to. They completely lost all awareness of their true identities as children of the Covenant. Amazingly, all of this was prophesied in advance.

Foreseeing their dismal state as exiles among the nations, YHWH had compassion on them. He made a promise to them for the sake of His great Name. That He would gather a faithful Remnant of Israel out of the nations in the last days. There are many passages of Scripture about this promise. For example the book of Revelation speaks of them. Citing the 144,000 who are gathered from all the tribes of Israel, who stand on Mount Tsiyon with the Lamb.

This a vital part of the Tsiyon mission, to seek out the remnant, the overcomers who triumph over sin. To prepare them to return to the Land as one unified people, in the Greater Second Exodus, the Remnant Exodus.

The Scriptures have many verses about the Remnant of Israel. These verses are clearly speaking of a remnant from all of the Tribes of Israel, not just the tribe of Judah. We have put a few of the many verses on our Remnant Vision page, Which You Can Read Here. We believe, and are experiencing, the gathering of the Remnant of Israel going on right now. As you listen to this station you will come to understand what a profound fulfillment of Bible prophecy this really is!

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