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Join our other Messianic Music Artists! The ultimate mission of Tsiyon Road Radio is to bring glory to the Creator and His Son. As part of that worship, Tsiyon Road Radio streams music from many great artists. Are you a musician who loves to praise the Father and want your music to be heard by others? Do you want to reach a wide range of believers but don’t know how to introduce yourself to them? Perhaps your native language isn’t in English but in another language. So you have music in another language. Well, because Tsiyon Road Radio is an Internet radio station, it has a global reach with a lot of potential to reach many people. Literally anyone with Internet access could potentially tune in to the station.

Now Tsiyon only airs music that glorifies the Creator and His Son, and that upholds His moral standards. However except for those requirements we do not favor a certain style over another. That being said, all songs that are aired are carefully considered as to whether or not they lift Him up to glorify Him.


Due to copyright issues we can only air songs that you have made and/or if you own the copyright titles. We can only air songs that you have given us permission to air. Therefore if you want the station to air your music you need to send us a list of what we can air. One of the easiest ways to do this is to fill out a broadcast release form. Once you have filled out the form you can mail it to the address found within the form. Please note that in the past we have accepted photo copies of the form, and the MP3 files sent to us in an email, but we prefer that you mail us a hard copy of the form and any albums or CD’s that you are letting us play. If you do send us the broadcast release form and MP3 files of your music in an e-mail please be sure to include a copy of your album cover (or covers as needed). The simple reason for this is that we often post the album cover and a link to the artists website.

PSALM 29:1-2

Ascribe to YHWH, O sons of the Mighty,
Ascribe to YHWH glory and strength.
Ascribe to YHWH the glory due to His Name;
Worship YHWH in Holy Array.

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