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When it comes to being prepared for the days ahead, there's nothing more important than securing a solid Scriptural Foundation to stand on. A great deception is coming on the world, and the truth is becoming increasingly more valuable. Believers need an in depth understanding of The Whole Word to get properly prepared!

To help prepare you, many more Scriptural Teachings and Study Resources are available on demand at our membership website Tsiyon Tabernacle. The following resources are offered free of charge to all Tsiyon Members! All you have to do is sign-up, log-in, and commit to studying it all out!

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Tsiyon Fast Track - Free Video Course!

Get up to speed on End-Times Prophecy!
- Learn about the Remnant of Israel in our day.
- Get a solid understanding of the main events prophesied to happen in this generation.
- Learn the Biblical basis behind HOW believers can KNOW this is the Last Generation along with answers to other timing-related questions.
- Gain insight into the function of each tribe of Israel (including yours) and how they work together to accomplish Elohim's will!
- Learn many other things you need to know to get prepared for the days ahead!

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View in-depth teachings like the Daniel Seminar along with a lot of other prophetically significant seminars available free of charge to all Tsiyon members!

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Try out our verse by verse Tsiyon Academy Torah Course. The free trial covers the start of the book of Genesis. We estimate it will take you at least 4 weeks to complete the free trial!

(Our full Torah course is available to Tsiyon Partners and covers the whole Torah verse by verse. This Scripture-Packed content will give you the solid Scriptural foundation needed to understand the rest of His Word and it's well worth helping to support the ministry! Learn more about Tsiyon Partners and the full Torah Course on Tsiyon Tabernacle.)

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We're always working to produce more Scripture-based content and we make much of this freely available to all Tsiyon Members as the Holy Spirit leads. To stay up to date with the latest Free Content, check back often!

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