How to Read This Calendar

(1.) The Biblical Hebrew Calendar days begin at sunset and end at the next sunset.

(2.) All the dates on the calendar are listed on the Roman day that they start on, and continue until sunset on the following Roman day.


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Holy Time Calendar


thu20junAll Dayfri21S2 Yom 14 – Sabbath

fri21junAll Daysat22S3 Yom 151st day of 3rd Shebuah/Week

sat22junAll Daysun23S3 Yom 162nd day of 3rd Shebuah/Week

sun23junAll Daymon24S3 Yom 173rd day of 3rd Shebuah/Week

mon24junAll Daytue25S3 Yom 184th day of 3rd Shebuah/Week

tue25junAll Daywed26S3 Yom 195th day of 3rd Shebuah/Week

wed26junAll Daythu27S3 Yom 206th day of 3rd Shebuah/Week

thu27junAll Dayfri28S3 Yom 21 – Sabbath

fri28junAll Daysat29S4 Yom 221st day of 4th Shebuah/Week

sat29junAll Daysun30S4 Yom 232nd day of 4th Shebuah/Week

sun30junAll Daymon01julS4 Yom 243rd day of 4th Shebuah/Week


sun30junAll Daymon01julS4 Yom 243rd day of 4th Shebuah/Week

mon01julAll Daytue02S4 Yom 254th day of 4th Shebuah/Week

tue02julAll Daywed03S4 Yom 265th day of 4th Shebuah/Week

wed03julAll Daythu04S4 Yom 276th day of 4th Shebuah/Week

thu04julAll DayS4 Yom 28 Through Yom ?? | Long Shabbat of Month 4Look for the New Moon!




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