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How to read this Calendar

  • The Days begin at sunset and end at the next sunset.

  • All the dates on the calendar are placed on the Roman day that they start on.

  • Printable Calendar.

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Holy Time Calendar



wed16octAll Daythu17Sukkot - Yom 3 of Week 3(All Day)

thu17octAll Dayfri18Sukkot - Yom 4 of Week 3(All Day)

fri18octAll Daysat19Sukkot - Yom 5 of Week 3(All Day)

sat19octAll Daysun20Sukkot - Yom 6 of Week 3(All Day)

sun20octAll Daymon21Sukkot - Sabbath of Week 3(All Day)

mon21octAll Daytue22Yom 1 of Week 4(All Day)

tue22octAll Daywed23Yom 2 of Week 4(All Day)

wed23octAll Daythu24Yom 3 of Week 4(All Day)

thu24octAll Dayfri25Yom 4 of Week 4(All Day)

fri25octAll Daysat26Yom 5 of Week 4(All Day)

sat26octAll Daysun27Yom 6 of Week 4(All Day)

sun27octAll Daymon28Sabbath of Week 4Look for the new moon(All Day)


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