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The Bad and the Bold

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The Bad and the Bold

That Day Nobody Knows

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The 7th month is upon us! A lot is happening this month that effects you. ..more

Starting May 3rd: Delving into Leviticus with Eliyahu ben David

Shalom Friends! If you’ve been a Messianic believer for a while then you probably know how important the Torah is to living a life set apart to YHWH. Recently, we aired Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash #070 entitled “Glory!” which is the last program in the Midrash’s Exodus series. That means that this next Sabbath,…

Revealing Messiah in Targum Isaiah On Tsiyon Road

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Shalom Tsiyon listeners! Ever wondered about the mysteries behind some words? How about THE WORD? Tsiyon Road’s On the Road to Tsiyon program will be finishing it’s study on the days of Elijah, and begin delving into some of the mysteries of God including “the concept of The Word as…

Meeting Elijah on Tsiyon Road

Shalom friends! You may of heard of the Elijah to come, but who was the first Elijah? Tune in on Tsiyon Road to find out! This week, Tsiyon Road’s On the Road to Tsiyon program will be taking a look back to the days of Elijah the Tishbite to explore…

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