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Occult Evolution

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Evolution is an occult deception. A cornerstone in the devil’s modern mind-control matrix is the myth of evolution. By the magic of this pillar of deception, the devil has managed to project the impression of a world with no morality, no justice nor judgment day, no absolute truth, no real meaning,…

Darwinian Evolution Junk Science

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Consider the horrors of this atheistic nightmare! more

Passover 2018

Join us online for Passover! At nearly four millennia, Passover is probably the oldest continually kept national holiday still being celebrated in the world. People often refer to Passover as a Jewish holiday, but it is literally bigger than that. The “Jews” (a name given to the Israelite tribe of Judah)…

The Shabua of Creation

What do you know about the Shabua of Creation?

New Year, March 18, 2018

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The new Hebrew Year began at sundown of March 18 2018. Our Tsiyon theme for this year is “Entrust Yourself To Your Faithful Creator.” We wish you a blessed and fruitful new year!

Five loaves and two fishes

Can you make an impact?    …more

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