Chapter 2 D – Come Out Of Her My People

SheliYah at Tsiyon Road radio 11/18/2022

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Join SheliYah in todays episode as she continues reading Chapter 2 of Come Out of Her My People.


About This Series of Programs:

When it comes to the Christian Church, God is calling “Come Out of Her My People!” Join SheliYah as she takes you on a life-changing journey through the book “Come Out of Her My People” written by author C.J. Coster bringing into her readings the many Scripture verses referenced in this very important work. Listen, and learn, as the lies, false doctrines, and pagan idolatry of the Christian Church is fully exposed and the Truth of Scripture is clearly established. If you’re still stuck in the Christian Church system, and wonder why we here at Tsiyon don’t consider ourselves part of the Christian Church System, this program will show you the truth and set you free! Believers who have already been set free from the Christian System, will enjoy a thorough exploration of the Scriptures that accompany this book’s message, and strengthen their understanding of the truth.


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