HIG #002 – Matthew 2&3 – Two Kinds of Fruit in Messiah’s Day

Written by on 04/30/2022

Hebraic Insights in the Gospels Podcast Episode 2 Description:

In the last program, the legitimacy of Yeshua Messiah’s Davidic lineage was established. We also learned that Joseph was the Tsadeek or rightful heir to the throne of David in his time, and that Joseph passed that on to Yeshua (Jesus) by treating him as his firstborn son. But what kind of person was Joseph? And what kind of world was Messiah born into? What did being the son of David mean in that world? And what can we learn from their example?

Note: In this final special introductory episode, we finish laying the foundation for the Gospels. Some of today’s material includes clips taken from the radio program “On The Road To Tsiyon with Eliyahu and Dawn”, you can hear more of their programs on Tsiyon Road Radio’s website tsiyon.org. Tsiyon is pronounced Zion and is considered a more accurate transliteration from the original Hebrew. 

Hebraic Insights in the Gospels Podcast: Join us on Hebraic Insights in the Gospels for a look at the life, words, and deeds of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and His followers from the Torah-centric, Hebraic perspective they were originally lived and written in. If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Hebrew Roots of our faith, or would like to consider a different point of view in your Scripture Studies without getting bogged down in various religious traditions, this is the podcast for you!

Originally created to air on Tsiyon (pronounced Zion) Ministry’s internet radio station Tsiyon Road Radio. These programs are a chapter by chapter Scripture study of each of the 4 Gospels starting in the book of Matthew. In each episode the program’s creator Abigail BD, introduces the material and often adds questions and Scripture Readings for listeners to consider in their study. The main insight on each portion is then shared by her co-host and father, Eliyahu ben David.

Theme Song Music Credit: Stand at the Crossroads by Feet On A Rock. You can find their music on Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music or buy from the Artist.

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