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Right now, for this membership promotion, sign-up is free. With your free membership you will receive mp3 and video content that unfolds the Scriptures for you as never before. For example, view our entire 8 night seminar, Beasts of Daniel Surfacing, which reveals how Bible Prophecy in the Book of Daniel is being fullfilled in our world right now. This information is vital to your life. View key videos from our 7 night seminar, Remnant Expectations, which includes prophetic material we are sure you have never heard before, which will help to prepare you for the days ahead. You will also receive Tsiyon News, our weekly newsletter, which will keep you up to date on Tsiyon benefits, as well as offering important insights into what is going on in the world in the light of Bible prophecy. All this and much more will come to you at no charge, with your free Tsiyon Membership.

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